Can be used for both tank battery containment along with drilling and fracturing pads

Garland Energy Systems, Inc. (GES) offers containment membranes engineered to meet the tough durability requirements of shale field drilling sites. Our innovative family of membranes are designed with a reinforcing fabric beneath to increase puncture resistance from below, and a textured surface on top to reduce foot-traffic slippage. With 50 mils of rugged protection, the membranes are engineered to provide protection throughout the drilling phase and/or subsequent hydraulic fracturing. Tank battery containments are also an excellent location for this versatile liner.

For a typical 50,000-square-foot containment field, GES containment membranes are durable enough to be reused and can yield savings of over $0.40 per square foot. Those savings can translate into a saving of over $20,000 per pad.

Life cycle analysis

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